Action and Tasks


  • IFFE organises conferences, lectures, meetings, excursions, discussions, workshops and seminars; online and offline.
  • IFFE develops and implements research projects, studies and surveys.
  • IFFE produces online and offline publications and media content.
  • IFFE cooperates in the implementation of events, projects and the development of
  • publications and materials.

IFFE organises and runs a number of central activities. IFFE members can also organise activities under the umbrella of IFFE and benefit from the patronage of the association, as well as from moral support and feedback. IFFE members can furthermore organise and be involved in other activities outside IFFE. However all activities need to be based on the principles and aims of the association.


IFFE engages with culture and education through local, regional, national and international exchange and research. It promotes responsible education and culture as well as the transmission of cultural and educational knowledge and competences. In doing so, it seeks to enrich cultural life especially in the area of education and schooling.

No, IFFE does not want to add more to school. No, more-of-the-same is not better. Not even when it looks slightly different. We will not find the solution necessarily in new curricula or in a particular type of school instead of another type of school. IFFE is not advocating more (or less) modern technology, distance learning, competence-based learning, etc. neither.

IFFE is looking for the LEVERS which together with trust in people, in nature and in logic help us to
develop in a way which is better for all of us. The LEVERS which once activated change the course of history forever in the most beneficial way for mankind.